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620-Jingle Nog

Fernando Jinglenog Ornament

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  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Matador Mouse Ornament
  • Special Hand Painted Spanish Matador Mouse Wearing a Red Bullfighting Outfit
  • Holiday Home Décor Collectible Keepsake Matador Mouse Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Red Jacket Trimmed with Czech Crystals
  • 7″

The Story of Fernando: 

Fernando is a 6th generation matador from Seville.
Like his forbearers he is agile, swift and highly skilled, but this torero is far from run of the mill.
In his traje de luce he is dressed to kill,
dapper and dashing, he does not stand still.
but unlike his papa his oles are shrill,
and leche is the preferred drink he swills.
Fernando is brave and strong willed.
By his teens he had his fill of toros and zapatillas,
favoring a pair of sunglasses and espadrilles.
Now he gets his daily thrills,
by quietly painting and smelling the daffodils,
or cooking delicias de queso  on the grill.
His heart is open and love filled.
 He would not cause or wish any creature harm or ill.